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Justin Parker



Justin Parker, a proud alumnus of Point Loma Nazarene University and a former student at UCLA, has been a dynamic presence in the financial advisory sector since 2001. His journey in finance began at ML Stern, where he first honed his advisory skills. He then furthered his career at Southwest Securities and Hilltop Securities, where he notably held positions as Senior Vice President and Managing Director.

Away from the office, Justin's life is equally fulfilling and vibrant, thanks to his family. He and his wife, Alissa, a successful real estate agent and accomplished author in fitness and health, are proud parents of two daughters. Their eldest, Rylee, 18, is a freshman at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, and a budding entrepreneur with her own cosmetic and clothing line. Dylan, their 13-year-old, is a creative YouTube personality, reviewing toys for other young audiences.

The Parker family embodies a spirit of entrepreneurship and a love for life's pleasures. Alissa, apart from her real estate career, also manages her own dietary supplement company. The family enjoys their time traveling, relaxing at the beach, and experiencing the thrill of the open road in one of their classic cars along the scenic 101 highway. Together, the Parkers exemplify a harmonious blend of professional success and a deep appreciation for family and leisure.

Walter Valenzuela



Walter Valenzuela, the Managing Director of Tidewater Financial, embodies a sincere dedication to service. With nearly three decades of enriching his clients' lives, Walter specializes in crafting conservative growth strategies aimed at capital preservation. His approach is deeply rooted in a commitment to ensuring the financial security and well-being of his clients and their families.

Walter's journey in the financial realm began post-graduation from SDSU in 1992, where he majored in Business Finance and Economics. It was during an internship at a financial institution while completing his degree in economics that Walter discovered his innate talent and passion for the financial sector. This passion led him to become a top producer at renowned firms such as ML Stern, Southwest Securities, and Hilltop Securities, paving the way for the inception of Tidewater Financial.

A firm believer in integrity and hard work, Walter's professional ethos revolves around doing what’s right for his clients. He is particularly adept at assisting those on fixed incomes. His professionalism, honesty, and dependability have earned him an impeccable reputation over the years.

Walter's roots trace back to a hardworking, close-knit Honduran family in San Francisco. Today, he is a devoted husband to Kimberly and a loving father to their three children, Mateo, Joaquin, and Talia, residing in Encinitas, California. Outside of his professional life, Walter cherishes spending time outdoors with his family. Whether it's biking, golfing, or surfing, he finds joy and relaxation in these activities, embracing every moment with his loved ones.

Taj Sherman

Associate Analyst


Taj Sherman is an Associate Analyst at Tidewater Financial. A University of California, Santa Cruz graduate with a degree in Political Science, Taj has a proven track record of applying analytical rigor and strategic insights to the financial sector. His expertise, honed on the rugby fields of UCSC, translates into a disciplined approach to financial analysis and client engagement.

With roots in Encinitas, Taj's understanding of the local community complements his global perspective on financial markets. In his first year at Tidewater, he has distinguished himself through a client-first philosophy, underpinned by the belief that the best results are achieved through dedication, accessibility, and a commitment to excellence.

Before joining Tidewater, Taj's role at Zuk Financial was marked by a responsive and detail-oriented approach to client service, earning him recognition for his ability to demystify complex financial concepts for clients from diverse backgrounds. His transition to Tidewater Financial was a strategic move to broaden his impact and leverage his innate passion for helping clients navigate the journey to a secure financial future.

Outside of the office, Taj channels the discipline and focus required for surfing, which he pursues with the same vigor as his professional endeavors. His life's motto, "Stop trying to win all your fights in the first round," encapsulates his strategy for success—measured, persistent, and always mindful of the long game. As a die-hard Chargers fan, he exemplifies the resilience and competitive spirit that is a hallmark of both his personal and professional life.

At Tidewater Financial, Taj Sherman is more than an Associate Analyst—he is a beacon of trust and reliability, ensuring that every client’s financial plan is as robust and resilient as the strategies he lives by.