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Decades of Expertise in Wealth Manangment and Tax-Free Municipal Bonds at Tidewater Financial

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As you enter our conference room, you’ll witness a team of professionals passionate about their work. Our journey in the world of finance began over 30 years ago, and since then, Tidewater Financial has carved a niche as a leader in tax-free municipal bonds. Today, we continue to focus on these bonds, while also offering a comprehensive range of investment products and services. Our expertise is particularly valuable for High-Net-Worth individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations, governmental entities, banks, insurance companies, and more.

At Tidewater Financial, our reputation as tax-free municipal bond specialists is a badge of honor we wear with pride. It’s not just about being recognized in the industry; it’s about the trust and respect we’ve earned from our clients and peers. Our team, comprising of skilled managers and account executives, is deeply specialized in the field of tax-free municipal bonds.

We have built an extensive network for gathering both external and internal financial information. This network, combined with our dedicated fixed-income analysts, ensures that our Tax-Free Municipal Bond Specialists are always equipped with the latest insights and trends in the market. It's this commitment to staying at the forefront of the tax-free municipal bond market that sets us apart.

Our Goals

Welcome to Tidewater Financial, your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of wealth management and financial planning. Established with a commitment to integrity and excellence, Tidewater Financial has become a beacon in the world of financial advising, especially for Retirees, Executives and Business Owners, High-Net-Worth individuals and families, and Professional Athletes.

Fidelity Institutional®

Partnering with reputable institutions like Fidelity Institutional® for asset custody and National Financial Services LLC (NFS) for clearing, we ensure the security and reliability of our clients' investments. Backed by Fidelity Investments' esteemed reputation, boasting over 70 years of financial management experience and $9.6 trillion in assets under administration*

*as of 09/30/2022

Our Expertise

Our team of experts brings decades of experience in financial planning, investment strategy, and wealth management. We specialize in tax-efficient strategies, focusing primarily on tax-free municipal bonds and a variety of fixed-income products. At Tidewater Financial, we believe in a personalized approach to finance, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our Services

Tax-Free Municipal Bonds

Expert guidance in navigating tax-exempt income

 Portfolio Management

Comprehensive solutions for diverse fixed income need, wealth accumulation and preservation.

Retirement Planning

Holistic approaches to secure your financial future.


Justin Parker



A student at UCLA and graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University, Mr. Parker began hiscareer as an advisor in 2001 with ML Stern. He continued his career with Southwest Securities,and later with Hilltop Securities where he served as Sr...

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Taj Sherman

Associate Analyst


Taj Sherman is an Associate Analyst at Tidewater Financial. A University of California, Santa Cruz graduate with a degree in Political Science, Taj has a proven track record of applying analytical rigor and strategic insights to the...
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Walter Valenzuela



Walter Valenzuela is the managing director of Tidewater Financial. Working from a sincere commitment to serve, Walter specializes in developing conservative growth strategies while preserving capital. He’s been making a positive...

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