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Our Primary Purpose

We are dedicated to finding tailored solutions that work for you. We create financial plans that are molded to fit you—we don’t mold you to fit a financial plan.

Finding Your Fit

Tidewater Financial is an independent financial firm serving the needs of retirees, families, athletes and small businesses. Tidewater refers to low-lying land, where the water ebbs and flows in a protected, gentle way. This steady movement of water beautifully represents our approach to financial planning. With a deep respect for your resources, we embrace consistent, stable growth opportunities designed to put you on a path for financial independence. Will Rogers famously said: “I’m more concerned with the return of my principle than the return on my principle.” While high-risk investment opportunities have the potential of bringing big returns, they also have the potential of bringing big losses. We aim to protect and preserve your capital while giving you reasonable return opportunities.

Client Centered

Located in the coastal San Diego area, we serve clients all throughout the country. We offer bilingual services in Spanish and English. The differences of our clients are vast: while some are retirees drawing from fixed incomes, others are business owners and athletes drawing from fluctuating income sources. We customize our service to match the unique income and investment needs of our clients.

Whatever your goals, we are dedicated to protecting your assets while providing growth opportunities for you.

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